Did you already know?

Suspension elements made of elastomeric materials are used in almost every area in which oscillatory systems have to be spring-loaded and/or damped - i.e. in the entire field of mechanical engineering.

The application is thus not only limited to the use of spring elements in the rail vehicle and automotive sector but also extends from the support of the connecting rod of wind turbines to earthquake bearings of buildings or bridges.

02-19-18 Equibiaxial test

Starting with February 2018! Equibiaxial test for determination of material parameters of rubber

Fatigue tests with dumbbell samples

Fatigue tests with rubber samples made of elastomers for the determination of Wöhler curves and Haigh-diagrams

03-31-17 Numerical calculation of relaxation or creep

The time-dependent calculation of relaxation and creep is perfomed by using a combination of hyperelastic and time-dependent viscoelastic material models

10- 4-16 Determination of material parameters of rubber materials

Starting with January 2017! Determination of material parameters of rubber materials by means of contactless strain measurement.

08-24-16 FEA air spring

FEA simulation of ar spring with emergency spring

08-22-16 Fatigue test at TUHH

Some impressions of a multiaxial fatigue test of a conical spring at the Technical University in Hamburg Harburg (TUHH), institute for reliability engineering.