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We work mainly in the field of rail vehicle technology and offer our customers essentially a technical calculation service using the linear and nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA).


Our core competence is the numerical simulation of suspension elements made of elastomeric materials.

The calculation of such components presents a high degree of complexity in the numerical simulation and requires a specific knowledge of the material and the application of non-linear FEA methodology.

The goal is a prediction of the physical properties of the component as accurate as possible as well as the calculation of the expected service life for the planned use in operation. Thus, on one hand the feasibility of the concepts is secured as early as possible and on the other hand, the risk to the operational use is minimized.

This risk minimization is of enormous benefit for both the manufacturers and the operators, because insufficient dimensioning represents a serious safety risk and a resulting early replacement of components is associated with high economic costs.

Furthermore, customary simulations (structural-, strength- and service lifespan evidences), which are required for the approval of rail vehicle components made of metallic materials according to the current European and international standards, are carried out using FEA.

These activities are preceded by an individual and comprehensive consultation.

Consulting for suspension elements

We will advise you from the concept- and design development stage through the creation of a technical specification up to the definition of any corresponding trials to secure the service lifespan. Of course, we also procure the prototype and organize all the necessary trials up to the technical acceptance of the end customer as part of an initial sample testing.


We analyze components in case of damage and advise you on the implementation of maintenance interval extensions (life-cycle costs) and the associated measures to be implemented.

We also support you with the development of economic potentials in case of any change in the suppliers or in case of new component developments.

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suspension elements, rubber to metal parts, rubber, natural rubber, vulcanisation, numerical simulation, shrinkage, FEA, damage calculation, Haigh diagram, S-N curves, hyperelastic material law, nonlinear characteristic, viscoelastic, damping, phenomenological material model, strain, stress, Monney Rivlin, YEOH, Third order deformation model, Mullins effect, dissipation, creep, relaxation, nonlinear analysis (contact, geometry, material), concept development, design development,  fatigue, fatigue calculation, railway vehicle, bogie, rubbersprung wheels, primary suspension (bushes, buffers, layer springs, chevron springs, conical springs), secondary suspension (emergency spring, Hourglass spring, air spring systems, anti roll bar), Weibull, Life cycle costs, prototyp

 IIW, DVS, Eurocode 3, FKM-guideline 2012, ERRI, strength assessment, Rainflow, Wöhler curve, Miner, Haibach

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